Vegetables & Selection of Vegetables

We offer single varieties, popular selections or individual compositions in our extensive range of vegetables. Have a look around or contact us directly; we will happily accommodate your wishes. 

Frozen vegetables-mix 'Kaisergemüse', IQF

3 components that blend perfectly with one another. Broccoli and cauliflower florets with sliced carrots in wave cut. A fine mixture of vegetables, can also be used au gratin.

Frozen China vegetables original, IQF

High-quality mixtures (eightfold) of bean sprouts, carrot sticks, strips of black fungus mushroom, sliced water chestnuts, strips of bamboo, sliced white mushrooms, and sugar pea pods.

Frozen summer vegetables, IQF

4 classic vegetables in one sweep: cauliflower florets, sliced carrots in wave cut, green beans, and peas. Blanched, mixed in even parts, portionable in any amount.

Frozen soup vegetables (ten kinds), IQF

Ready to cook mixture of vegetables: peas; diced carrots, celery, onions, cauliflower, parsley root, and broccoli; cauliflower florets; leek rings and white cabbage in pieces.

Frozen asparagus spears, green, IQF

Dark green spears, approx. 15 cm long. More tasteful and rich in vitamins than white asparagus due to its high chlorophyll content. Green asparagus is consumed unpeeled. Versatile in its use, such as for a cold starter or salad.

Frozen cuts of asparagus with heads, IQF

Peeled 'tips and cuts' of asparagus with white/cream-coloured heads. Amount of heads approx. 15%. Approx. 2-4 cm in length, 8-16 mm in diameter. For vegetable mixtures, stews, fricassees, salads, sauces, and soups.

Frozen white asparagus, IQF

Peeled asparagus with white/cream-coloured heads. Approx. 17 cm long and 12-16 mm, or 16-20 mm in diameter. Asparagus is considered a healthy and light fitness food as it is extremely low in calories but rich in minerals and vitamins.

Frozen florets of broccoli, IQF

Available e.g. in cutting lengths 10-20, 20-40, 30-50, 40-60 und 60-80 mm. Free to pick in all assortments, can be removed individually and therefore available in variable portions. Broccoli is rich in vitamins and is often called 'green asparagus' since they are very similar in taste. By the way, most vitamins are in the stem.

Frozen carrots in slices, cubes or sticks, IQF

Appetising slices in uncalibrated wave cut, diced (10 x 10 mm) or in fine sticks (4 x 4 mm, length 2-4 cm) that can also be used as crudités.

Frozen cauliflower, IQF

White to creamy cauliflower florets, blanched. Assortments 10/20, 20/40, 40/60 mm. Bigger assortments are also available with light green stems.

Frozen green beans, IQF

Fresh beans only last a very short amount of time and quickly lose their colour and valuable nutrients. Frozen technology makes it possible for them to be always “fresh” in stock. Blanched, length approx. 2-4 cm.

Frozen needle beans, very fine, IQF

Delicacy with a taste of excellent quality. Whole beans, practically come with the connective parts trimmed, diameter max. 6 mm. An excellent product for fine cuisine and gastronomy.

Frozen onions in cubes or slices, IQF

Onions are one of the oldest cultivated plants and rank - just below tomatoes - at the top of all types of vegetables. Cut in cubes (10 x 10 mm) or slices (approx. 2-4 mm).

Frozen pea pods, IQF

Sugar snap peas (snow peas) owe their name to their high sugar content. They are consumed with their tender pod. The peas within the pod are still small and not ripe but very sweet. For fine vegetable dishes.

Frozen peas, IQF

Tender, uncalibrated peas, blanched. Peas rate among the most commonly cultivated and popular vegetables. The tasty peas can hardly be surpassed in their range of options of use.

Frozen peas and carrots, IQF

Ready, mixed vegetables, blanched: peas and diced carrots with a par of approx. 50%. Excellently combinable with other vegetables and many dishes.

Frozen peppers in strips or cubes, IQF

Premium product from Spain, 'California Wonder' variety. Fleshy, aromatic quality in red, green or yellow. Available as individual varieties or as a ready-made mixture 'red/green' or 'tricoloured'. Approx. 3-7 cm-long strips or cubes (10 x 10 mm). Matured bell peppers are exceptionally rich in minerals and vitamins and their variety is enormous.

Frozen ratatouille, IQF

Fine mixture of vegetables (fivefold) in large chunks with a southern European atmosphere from red and yellow quarters of pepper, aubergines and zucchini in pieces, quartered onions, and tomatoes.

Frozen Romanesco florets, IQF

Romanesco is a type of cauliflower that is often called 'minaret cabbage' or 'turret cauliflower' due to its appearance. This tasty vegetable with its beautifully shaped florets is making an increasingly firm stand in our kitchens.

Frozen sugar snaps, IQF

Originally the 'proper' sugar snap peas. These peas are ripe and sugary, just like the pod itself, which is consumed as well. Ideal for fine salads and starters.

Frozen sweet corn/corncobs, IQF

Frozen sweet corn/corncobs, IQF Tender grits of sweet corn for vegetable mixtures, as a side dish or - after preparation - for a salad buffet as well as whole corncobs (approx. 230 g) ready-made for barbecues.

Frozen, diced tomatoes with/without skin, IQF

Cut in 10 x 10 mm cubes, frozen tomatoes are ready to cook and are added to numerous dishes and sauces. Tomatoes have a high water content (approx. 94%) and are extremely low in calories.

Frozen zucchini in cubes or slices, IQF

From unpeeled, green zucchini. Cubes cut in 10 x 10 or 20 x 20 mm. The slices have a diameter of 20-45 mm. Steamed or braised in olive oil or usable for ratatouille.