What temperature are the goods stored at?

Our products are always stored between at least -18°C and -24°C in a continuous cooling chain.

How does the shipment from different countries of origin take place?

Depending on their location, our products are delivered to us in modern cooling trailers (mainland Europe) on the road or sealed cooling containers (Asia, Americas) by sea.

What is the best-before date of the frozen goods?

We guarantee a shelf life of 24 months from the date of production for our fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, and herbs.

Our claim is excellent quality and freshness - how do we guarantee this?

Our on-site partners monitor the entire growth and ripening process, as well as the processing and delivery. The products ripen in their natural habitat, are harvested by contracted farmers, and are immediately transported to processing companies that are centrally located in the region the produce is harvested in. Straight after quality control, the produce is cleaned, sorted, processed, and carefully frozen at -40°C (shock frozen). All ingredients are preserved by this process and are ready for consumption.