Mushrooms & Mixtures of Mushrooms

In our mushroom range, we offer you flavourful and healthy cultivated and wild mushrooms. Cleaned and ready to cook, these mushrooms are quick and easy to prepare.

Frozen agaric mushrooms, IQF

Whole cultivated mushrooms ('Nameco'). Small edible mushrooms with round heads, firm flesh, rather neutral in taste. Agaric mushrooms are often used for sauces, as well as mushroom and vegetable mixtures.

Frozen chanterelles, IQF

'Selective small', 'medium' or 'whole or cut'. Wild mushrooms with a fine fragrance and a slight peppery taste. Prepared with game dishes, as a vegetable side in fine cream, with pasta, as a sauce or simply with scrambled egg.

Frozen mixed mushrooms, IQF

Aromatic, ready to cook mixture of shiitake mushrooms, agaric mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, and white mushrooms in slices. The mixed mushrooms are to be used whilst still frozen for steaming, braising, and frying.

Frozen, Mixed Wild Mushrooms, IQF

High quality mixture of 6 noble wild mushrooms: butter mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, milk cap, bay boletes, porcini mushrooms and chanterelles ensure a fine, aromatic taste. The mixture is ready to cook and should only be processed whilst still frozen.

Frozen oyster mushrooms, IQF

Pale, cultivated mushrooms that are very popular in meat dishes due to their consistency and taste. Cut in pieces and strips of approx. 20-35 mm in length.

Frozen porcini mushrooms, IQF

'Bavarian style’ cut. Noble wild mushroom and delicacy for connoisseurs. These frozen mushrooms preserve their intense and aromatic flavour and characteristic scent of the freshly harvested porcini mushroom.

Frozen shiitake mushrooms, IQF

Cultivated mushroom with firm, juicy flesh that is not watery. Available as whole heads (20-40 mm) or quartered (40-60 mm in length). The most commonly cultivated mushroom worldwide, apart from the white mushroom.

Frozen white mushrooms, IQF

Available in the following varieties: 'Whole-headed' or slices in 'prime selection', 'hotel quality' or 'lower selection'. The product should only be processed in its frozen state. White mushrooms are the most commonly cultivated and consumed edible mushrooms worldwide. They are considered a food product of high dietary and nutritional value due to their valuable content. White mushrooms are ideal for making sauces, soups and ragouts, salads and egg dishes.