Not everyone has access to fresh herbs and the cost of sales of freeze-dried produce is much higher. Here we have the classics amongst the herbs at the ready for you. Please feel free to contact us directly!

Frozen chives, IQF

Ready to cook chive rolls with their characteristic, onion-like taste that freshly harvested chives offer. Chives have a high vitamin C content.

Frozen dill, IQF

Dill fronds have a fine aroma and are ideal for making fine salad dressings, marinades, green sauce, remoulades or quark dishes. Frozen dill is ready to cook and easy to sprinkle in its frozen state.

Frozen garlic, IQF

Whole, peeled garlic segments, unblanched. The typical aroma is what lends Mediterranean and Asian dishes their characteristic touch. The whole segments or cubes are added to dishes in their frozen state.

Frozen parsley, IQF

Finely chopped parsley with a low amount of stalks. Parsley is an aromatic, spicy herb of high nutritional value. Frozen parsley is ready to cook and easy to sprinkle whilst frozen.