Fruit & Fruit Mixtures

Our fresh products are shock frozen (IQF) in their original condition. This process allows for the unproblematic extraction of individual fruits, fruit mixtures, and client-specific mixtures in portions. Is your desired product or mixture not available? Please feel free to contact us!

Frozen apples in cubes or segments, IQF

Juicy, evenly cut segments (1/8 to 1/16) or cubes (10 x 10 mm). Without shell or core parts. Segments can be well used as a topping for cake, cubes for small-sized fruit salads, and compotes.

Frozen cubes of apricots or halves, IQF

Halves or cubes (10 x 10 mm), cut from ripe, peeled apricots. Dark yellow fruit with a delicious aroma.

Frozen berry-mix, IQF

Fivefold assortment

Aromatic, tart selection of berries of: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, redcurrants, and blackcurrants (in varying weight portions). Many possible uses, e.g. as topping for cakes and gateaux, desserts, chilled fruit soups, and red berry compotes.

Frozen berry-mix 'Extra', IQF

Sixfold assortment

Selection of berries rich in vitamins: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, red currants, and blackcurrants (in varying weight portions). Can be used for making chilled fruit soups, red berry compote, as a topping for various desserts, fruity cakes, and gateaux.

Frozen blackberries, IQF

Dark to deep black blackberries with a tart aroma and valuable nutrients. Very high provitamin A content (carotene)..

Frozen blackcurrants, IQF

Deep blackberries - without any panicles - with numerous fruit acids, calcium, potassium, and pectin. For making fruit cocktails, aromatic sorbets, and juices that are rich in vitamins.

Frozen blueberries, IQF

Small, dark blue to black strongly pigmented wild blueberries. Smaller and significantly more intense in flavour than cultivated blueberries.

Frozen chestnuts, IQF

(Seasonal product)

Whole, steamed, and peeled chestnuts with a powerful, slightly sharp taste that survives the freezing process. Ideal for game season, as a filling, side dish or puree.

Frozen cranberries, IQF

Small red berries with a slight tart taste. Strong gelatinising effect, making it ideal for puree, jams or jellies. With sweet fruits it can be used as a side for game dishes or for improving sauces.

Frozen fruit-mix 'Munich', IQF

Fivefold assortment

Fruit cocktails made of diced apples, pears, and peaches (each 10 x 10 mm), red grapes and pieces of pineapple (in varying weight portions). For ice cream and quark desserts or a refreshing fruit salad for a breakfast or dessert buffet.

Frozen fruit-mix 'Tropica', IQF

Sevenfold assortment

Exotic fruit assortment of peach segments, yellow, and green melon balls (or cubes), diced mango, pieces of pineapple, whole red grapes, and sliced kiwi (in varying weight portions). For tropical fruit desserts, fruit salads or breakfast buffets.

Frozen gooseberries, IQF

Green, cleaned, and picked while still firm. Gooseberries have a high content of sugar and citric acid. High content of pectin and therefore a strong gelatinising effect. Gooseberries are often used as a topping for gateaux and also compotes and chilled fruit soups.

Frozen slices of kiwi, IQF

Kiwis have more vitamin C than lemons. Peeled, sliced kiwi enriches fruit salads and exotic dishes and makes a great topping for gateaux, chilled fruit soups, compotes, and jams.

Frozen mango cubes, IQF

These yellow and orange coloured cubes (cut into 10 mm or 15 mm) are essential for tropical fruit cocktails as well as main source of flavour for many exotic dishes.

Frozen melon balls, yellow or green, IQF

From honeydew melon (green) or cantaloupe (yellow). These juicy melons give every fruit salad a flavourful and exotic note.

Frozen peaches in cubes or segments, IQF

Dark yellow, evenly cut, juicy segments (1/8) or cubes (10 x 10 mm). From peeled fruits with a slight colouring where the core has been extracted.

Frozen pear cubes, IQF

Light, evenly cut cubes (10 x 10 mm). Low content of fruit acid. As a topping for cakes and gateaux, for fruit salads and compotes.

Frozen pineapple pieces, IQF

Delicacy with intense, aromatic flavour. For tropical fruit compositions and cocktails, exotic dishes and sauces. Pineapple can also be used to make meat tender.

Frozen halves of plum, IQF

Hand-cut plum halves with firm, juicy, greenish to golden yellow pulp. Preferred varieties: 'Stanley' and 'Hauszwetschge'. Very popular as a topping for cakes and compote as well as fillings and puree.

Frozen raspberries, IQF

Red berries with a high fruit acid content and a maximum semolina content of 5%. Varieties such as 'whole & broken' or raspberry semolina for making fruit sauces.

Frozen red grapes, IQF

Dark, seedless dessert grapes. Due to their very high content of glucose and high-quality nutrients, grapes are said to be a food of high value with various possible uses.

Frozen redcurrants, IQF

Fully ripened, refreshing berries - without any panicles. Redcurrants are one of the most acidic fruits and have a very high content of vitamin C.

Frozen rhubarb, IQF

Variety that brings out its red colour when used in cooking, cut in topping-sized pieces. Ideal for making cakes or compotes. Rhubarb has a very particular, strong, tart, and refreshing taste.

Frozen, pitted sour cherries, IQF

Dark, juicy, pitted sour cherries (stone tolerance max 0,5%). Evenly coloured, red pulp.

Sour cherries are rich in iron, phosphorus, and vitamins B and C. Well suited for various desserts and chilled fruit soups, for red berry compote, as a topping for cake, gateaux and, of course, ice cream.

Frozen strawberries, IQF

Medium size berries, including the 'Senga Sengana' variety from Poland with an intense aroma and well-pigmented pulp. Other varieties, so-called red varieties, are imported from all over Europe, North Africa, and China.